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"One doesn't need to know a thing about the Odyssey to enjoy Ulysses thoroughly"
"A new interpretation of the humor & scientific accuracy of Rilke's Duinese Elegies"

revised, expanded &  updated version of
Rilke on Death and Other Oddities,
without the  illustrations

A New Reading of Rilke's "Elegies":
Affirming the Unity of "life-AND-death" 

This volume traces Rilke’s struggle to affirm death’s unity with life. It examines selections from the poet’s letters and novel, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, analyzing his inexplicable popularity in America, his unexpected attention to the scientific accuracy of his poetic images and to his surprising use of humor. The work culminates in a new interpretation of Rilke's Duinese Elegies.

“Most enjoyable, yr [ sic] Rilke; gave me a different overview of what often looked to me like the ruin of a barococo [sic] church . . .” – Gore Vidal

“[Rilke’s] words on death, as [Mood] isolate[s] them, both in [Rilke’s] earlier prose and in the Elegies, are discerning, exquisitely phrased of course, and – perhaps most of all – helpful; an important aid, as in certain of the instructions in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.” – Harold Jaffe, Editor-in-Chief, Fiction International

Table of Contents
1. Rilke Reconsidered
2. Introducing Rilke’s Life and Work (1976)
3. Rilke on Learning to Die (1976)
4. “From Cheers to Chance to Change” – The Pop Rilke
5. “Factual Correctness” in Rilke’s Work
6. “Leaving the Grim Vision Behind”
7. The Structure and a New Reading of Duinese Elegies
Appendix “A.” Rilke on God and Spirituality
Appendix “B.” Translations of Duinese Elegies
Appendix “C.” Sources Cited in Text

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